First off, thank you SO MUCH Andrew Olmstead, for being a fantastic teacher and collaborator, to whom I owe the entirety of this website. Your emotional support as well as technical support made this project what it is today. Also, our collaborative project Spooky Action was the first time I allowed myself to entertain my musings on quantum mechanics and cosmology through comics, so thank you for drawing that out of me and celebrating it with your amazing music.

Secondly, thank you to my friends at SAIC: firstly, Karen Morris, Kristi McGuire, and Conor Steschulte for being my thesis readers:

Karen, your endless enthusiasm and willingness to push me even FURTHER vaulted this project beyond my greatest hopes and dreams. I wouldn't have been able to complete this without you being my cheerleader and continually forcing me to "toot my horn", which I am still learning how to do.
Kristi, you're a mad genius and thank you for championing me and all the other students in my cohort. Your courses have had the biggest impact on me at SAIC, and your mentorship has been invaluable. (I still think we should go get PhDs together at Concordia University!!)
Conor, you're a rad dude and your comics are sick, but I'm still mad that I watched Midsommar on your reccommendation, cuz I couldn't sleep for like 3 days.
I would also like to extend a thank you to Mike Sockol for being my friend and being willing to talk/vent about philosophy with me; may Mother Nature grace you with all of her finest, uh, moss or something.

Finally, thank you to my mentors at the University of Washington and at Simon Fraser University when I was an undergrad:

Jose Alaniz, who inspired me to write about time and comics in the first place in your amazing Alan Moore course.
Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges, for being my academia mentor as well as my comics mentor: getting me engaged in comics studies as well as online learning, and being the first professor to let me be their TA and let me shine.
Mark Patterson, for inspiring me to write my first comic about time in your AMAZING class "Narrative as Time Travel", and for being encouragement thereafter.
Greg Polakoff, wherever you are, for getting me so pumped about Nietzsche and existentialism and letting me write comics as reading responses.

Thanks also to my friends in print who helped me sort my shit out and launch my comics career by teaching me how to actually Do The Thing and Not Suck: Darren Desmarais, David Neville, and Corndog Andrew Henderson of the Moonlight Detective Agency.

And to those who inspired me to do this work in the first place, you don't even know me but I just want you to know that you've blown my mind and I'll forever be in your debt: Scott McCloud, Rudy Rucker, Thierry Groensteen, Carl Sagan, and Alan Moore. Please forgive me if I've drawn fan art of you without your permission, it's out of love. Also, Carl Sagan, I'm sorry I made that whole zine spoofing "Contact" and gave it away with stickers of drawings I made of you. I think you'd like it, though.

Lastly, thank you Margaret Ann because I know that you'd want me to thank you. So, you're welcome.

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